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List of things to do before I turn 30 or before I die.

These are some of the things I want to do before my ovaries start to crumble and hit the 30 year old mark. I have 7 years left to achieve my goals. So far it’s been going excellent.

1. Try to visit every capital cities in Europe (Done 3 cities so far)
2. Sky Diving
3. Travel every single cities in Asia (Done 4 so far)
4. Scuba Diving - done it in 2011
5. Go to a foreign music festival
6. Travel to U.S.A for 5 weeks (done in 2010/2012)
7. Bungee jump (Done)
8. Do a flight simulator in Singapore(Done)
9. Ride inside a helicopter
10. Do Kayaking next to an island (Done)
11. Do snow sports (snowboarding, skii and etc.)
12. Do Cliff Diving
13. Take a year off and explore the world
14. Wake boarding
15. Buy tickets to an American sports game - NBA or Baseball.
16. Buy a beach apartment in Thailand