This year, epic monsoon rains and typhoons have relentlessly battered Asia. Thailand is among the hardest hit. Flood waters have swamped more than two-thirds of the country, claiming more than 280 lives since late July. The ancient capital of Ayutthaya (featured above) is buried under water one-story high, making the floods the worst in half a century.

I want to be stabbed with this.

This shit is real, and only in the streets in Bangkok you can purchase this without asking for a license or anything.

I wish customs in Australia isn’t so anal about importing stuff like this, then I would buy this and walk in the street freely holding this to scare everyone off.

Phuket Breathing | Phuket is one of those places you can easily get lost in, letting go off all the baggage accumulated from big city life. Arthur Inamov created this beautiful video of a trip to Thailand. As Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic says, “it’s like going on a virtual vacation.”

Central World. Can’t believe this was just last year, less than a year ago I was right there. Terrible news having to read that it’s burning down. Thailand is like my 2nd home since I’m half Thai, it really hits you at heart. Fucking scumbags attacking around the heart of the city and the people of Thailand, having to resort to these terrorist acts.

Photo taken by me.

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Fun facts about me;

After I finish studying and get a full-time career job, which would be early next year, I hope, just hope..hope that the Global Financial Crisis doesn’t prevent me from finding a job.

…The first thing I want to buy that’s big, no it’s not a car (how sad, I have a license but I don’t own a car yet - because I’m poor and I refuse to do anything via Finance Loan at this time, I prefer just straight up cash.) but a nice small beach house in Pattaya, Thailand. I hope something under $50k that’s nice and decent, somewhere a place of my own to relax and listen to the sound of the wind, that’s why I was bragging before about getting a dual citizenship, lol. So I can finally say; Hey I finally own something.

I could not possibly buy my own house here in Australia I probably just rent or something lol, it’s so expensive here in Sydney honestly unless I move to a another state, but I have no relatives in other states (all live overseas except my own family) I’m alone here. So yeah, my dream, my wish, my goal, that’s my dream goal I’m trying to make.