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So I downloaded Windows 8’s Consumer Preview and had it installed on VirtualBox. After installing, testing and etc, within 15 minutes I deleted it and also deleted the Windows 8 ISO file off from my Windows 7 machine. It looks slick, clean and ‘metro’ in a sense, however I am disappointed there is no start menu like we have with Windows 7 and previous Windows version, that is like the God of the whole operating system and they removed it and replaced it with the metro look. A part of me is shattered.

Computer Window wall sticker

So oth­ers claim that you can’t dif­fer­en­ti­ate between real life and the vir­tual world in your com­puter any­more? They can’t be right, can they?

To make the dif­fer­ence crys­tal clear for you and them, we designed the Com­puter Win­dow Wall Sticker. This looks like a win­dow on your com­puter and has the inscrip­tion, “Out­side World — Real life 2.0”, with a globe icon next to it. Just apply the stick­ers around or on a real win­dow of your home and no mix-​​ups are pos­si­ble anymore.

With this sticker set, the com­puter win­dow has a max­i­mum hight of 2.2m and a max­i­mum width of 2m. Since it comes in sec­tions, you can fit it to all smaller-​​sized windows.

With the Com­puter Win­dow Wall Sticker, you can dec­o­rate your home in a very geeky way—and you finally know what’s behind this piece of glass…